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Document Libraries
See how valuable a document library can be to you and your coworkers.
Make files available to others by adding them to a document library.
Edit and save files in a document library.
Discover what happens when two people try to edit a file at the same time, and know how to handle that.
Document Libraries II
Know why you'd want to check out and check in a file.
Check out and check in a file.
Know where a file is stored when you check it out.
Document Libraries III
Discover if your library stores previous versions for you.
View the version history of a file.
Restore to a previous version of a file.
Know the difference between major and minor versions, and why you'd specify either one.
Document Libraries IV
Discover tips in your Web browser, like how to sign up for e-mail alerts or how to move, rename, and delete files.
Discover tips in Microsoft Office Word 2007, Excel 2007, and PowerPoint 2007, like how to edit a file without starting your Web browser.
Document Libraries V
Download all files at once by using Outlook 2007.
Open your files from within Outlook as read-only.
Edit your files from within Outlook and then update the originals in the SharePoint library.
Know how to use Check Out in conjunction with this feature.


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  SharePoint Help and How-to from Microsoft.
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‚ÄčRequest a SharePoint Site

Please call the Support Desk @ x6888 to make a request for a new SharePoint Site. A Footprints ticket will be created and your new site will be provisioned within a few days.

Please have the following information:

  • (Title) Name of the site
  • (URL) Abbreviated version of the Title. ex. Information Technology - IT, InfoTech, Itech... this will be added to
  • Site Contact
  • Main Contact Phone
  • Site Contacts
  • Site Owner

If there is a site already provisioned for your department, project, or process, please contact the owner of that site for permission to create a sub site.

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